What You Should Know Before You Have A Sleep Study

For busy adults, it can be difficult to always get a good night's sleep. However, if you consistently are unable to sleep well or if your doctor thinks your health is at risk because you are not sleeping as you should, you may need a sleep study. A sleep study is a test that lasts all night, records your sleeping patterns, and lets the doctor know more about why you may not be sleeping. Read More 

Stress Testing Helps Your Doctor Manage Your Cardiac Condition

If you've been having chest pain or other cardiac symptoms, your doctor may want to run some tests. You might have an EKG that gives the doctor a reading of your heart rhythm, but this is usually done while you're at rest. If your doctor wants to know how well your heart works when you're experiencing physical stress, they may want to do stress testing too. A stress test gives your doctor a look at your heart rhythm and rate when you exercise. Read More 

How Well Do You Know Your Headaches?

Headaches are a common health complaint. Nearly everyone will experience a headache at some point during their lifetime, and these headaches can result in real pain. Many people are surprised to discover that there are different types of headaches. The more familiar you are with the various types of headaches you can experience, the better equipped you will be to seek medical attention when needed. Tension Headaches Most of the headaches that you may experience during your lifetime can be categorized as tension headaches. Read More 

Things Physicians Should Look For In A Medical Transcription Company

A lot of physicians today rely on voice-recording devices, whether it's to document symptoms of a patient or work through treatment options. If you're a physician and use these devices regularly, you'll eventually need to transfer audio files to written form, and a medical transcription company can help with this. Just make sure they offer a couple of things. Medical Experience There will eventually be some pretty technical information that your medical transcription company will come across. Read More 

Seven Scenarios That Indicate Potential Benefits From Hormone Therapy For Women

Many women can benefit from hormone therapy for aging. However, this type of therapy isn't beneficial or recommended for all women. The following are seven scenarios that indicate potential benefits from hormone therapy for women. You are experiencing perimenopause or menopause at a relatively young age. Hormone therapy is usually only recommended for women who have not yet reached a certain age. This type of therapy tends to be particularly helpful for women who are unusually young when they start experiencing perimenopause or menopause symptoms. Read More