Single-Dose Steroids Can Protect Active Parents From Inflammation After Cataract Surgery

Although most people develop cataracts as they age, some people may get them very early in their life. This problem can be a major issue if you still have children because it can decrease your care effectiveness. Even worse, complications like inflammation threaten your vision. Thankfully, single-use steroids can help you avoid these problems.  Inflammation May Be Dangerous After Cataract Surgery Cataract surgery has become so routine that most are performed without any complications. Read More 

Hair Restoration Therapy With Platelet-Rich Plasma From Your Own Body

If you want to restore your hair non-surgically nowadays, you can do so with the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, which is a new technology that men and women can use for hair growth replacement. For quite a long time, scientific studies revealed the use of PRP for wound and tissue healing and other injury-related healing. Now PRP in the form of regenerative injections is proving to be an answer to hair loss, and the ingredients are extracted from your own blood. Read More 

Four Anti-Aging Skin Treatments To Discuss With Your Dermatologist

Dermatologists are physicians who diagnose and treat disorders not only of the skin but of the hair, nails, and mucous membranes as well. Some dermatologists specialize in the treatment and removal of skin cancers or perhaps pediatric dermatology, which deals with dermatological problems common in children, such as birthmarks or acne. Others specialize in cosmetic dermatology. Rather than treat dermatological diseases, they primarily work to aesthetically improve the skin and, to a lesser degree, the nails and hair. Read More 

How To Deal With Foot And Ankle Pain Caused By Aerobic Exercise Like Running

When you start an aerobic exercise program after being sedentary for a long time, it's important to start out slowly and build up your tolerance so you can avoid an injury. You may not give your feet much thought, but pushing yourself to run or even walk long distances without working up to it can cause pain in your feet and ankles. Here are some ways to deal with foot pain caused by over-activity. Read More 

Seven Mistakes To Avoid If You Experience Bloating

While bloating can often be caused by medical conditions like kidney failure or celiac disease, it can also be aggravated by bad or unhealthy habits. You can minimize your bloating symptoms by changing some of your habits. The following are six common mistakes to avoid that could be causing or aggravating your bloating: Drinking carbonated beverages When you drink carbonated beverages, you swallow gas. Gas in your gut will cause you to become bloated. Read More