3 Effective Ways To Treat Postpartum Depression

After giving birth to a precious bundle of joy, you might be surprised to find that you feel depressed, irritable, or overwhelmed. Many mothers experience these emotions after childbirth, but the feelings often fade away within 2 weeks. If they don't, you may be diagnosed with a condition known as postpartum depression. There isn't an official cure for postpartum depression, but here are 3 effective ways to treat the symptoms associated with this common condition. Read More 

A Few Ways To Prevent Venous Ulcers In Your Legs

Venous ulcers are painful, itchy, swollen areas in your legs that may also be hard or discoloured. The most common cause is high blood pressure in the veins in the legs that causes the skin to deteriorate to the point a sore is created. Initially, you may notice the veins in your legs are more noticeable, and sticking out. Over time, the high blood pressure will cause some of the fluid to leak from the veins, damaging the skin. Read More 

Four Ways You Can Help Your Parents With Increasing Senior Care Expenses

Senior care options have seen increases in costs since a spike in 2012. This has caused many people to re-evaluate their care options and the savings to cover those options. If one of your parents is facing the rising costs of senior care, and you want to offer some sort of financial help, consider these four methods.  Remember, some methods can also be combined to make savings and your financial assistance go further and last as long as they need care. Read More 

3 Bad Habits That Affect Your Eye Health More Than You Realize

Many people practice bad habits that affect their eye health or vision without even realizing it. Some of these habits can even cause blindness when they go on too long. Take note of these three bad habits that you should end for good if you care about your vision and eye health. Smoking Most people know by now that smoking cigarettes can cause lung cancer and many other health problems. Few people may realize how bad smoking is for their eyes. Read More