A Foot Doctor Can Recommend Home Care And Medical Treatments To Help Your Foot Pain

If you've taken up running or some other form of exercise and you've developed foot pain that won't go away, it's a good idea to see a foot doctor. Being tough and pushing through pain isn't wise because you could make your injury a lot worse.

For instance, your pain might be from Achilles tendonitis. This is an inflammation caused by tiny tears in the tendon. If you overwork the tendon when it's already injured, you might tear it further or even rupture it completely. Here are some things that might help with pain while your foot is healing.

Limit Running And Jumping

You don't necessarily need to become sedentary, but you may need to stop doing things that trigger your foot pain. Running and jumping are two activities that are hard on your feet and can cause an injury or make an injury worse. You may need to stop those forms of exercise and take up something that doesn't stress your feet until your injury has healed.

Change To New Shoes

While foot pain is often caused by a sports injury, it can be caused by wearing the wrong type of shoes too. You can develop foot problems from wearing shoes that don't give your toes enough room or that don't support your arches or heels.

Shoes like high heels or flat sandals should be avoided while you're recovering from foot pain. Your foot doctor might suggest wearing shoes that provide arch support and that have a padded heel.

Wear Shoe Inserts

Your foot doctor can also advise you about the type of shoe inserts that might help. You might wear gel cushion inserts or heel pads. If your injury is more severe, you might need custom orthotics to help your foot heal. Your foot doctor can make a mold of your feet so your custom inserts can be made in a lab. These usually work much better and last longer than the inserts you buy at the store.

Consider Medical Treatments Or Surgery

If your injury is more than a minor tear and inflammation, you might need medical treatments to speed up your healing and reduce pain. Foot pain is common, and most instances will clear up within several days to weeks just with rest and wearing proper shoes. Sometimes medical treatments, such as surgery, are needed.

Depending on the cause and type of foot pain you have, the foot doctor might suggest corticosteroid injections, shockwave therapy, protein-rich plasma injections, or ultrasound treatments. In some cases, you might need physical therapy to help your foot heal and to decrease the risk of further injury. For more information, contact a foot doctor near you.