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Options For Treating An Overbite

Overbites come in two forms – vertical and horizontal. Vertical overbites happen when your top teeth significantly overlap the ones on the bottom. A horizontal overbite, on the other hand, results in some teeth sticking out beyond the edge of your bottom teeth. You can develop either one as a result of either dental or skeletal issues. Depending on which is the cause of your problem, your orthodontist will help you find an ideal treatment. Read More 

Addressing Common Food Allergy Questions

Food allergies can represent a potentially life-threatening health risk, but it is a condition that is often misunderstood. While some people think that they must be born with a food allergy, this is not the case because it is possible to develop them as an adult. If you suspect that you may be developing a food allergy, you could benefit from having the following couple of questions about this health condition answered. Read More 

3 Factors Your After Rehabilitation Plan Should Involve

When you go into an inpatient rehabilitation facility, or rehab, you are removing yourself from the rest of the world. Rehab is a place where people can be safe from triggers from eating disorders, cues to drink or ingest illegal substances, and any harm that they might do themselves without supervision. A person might be able to get better in rehab. They might be able to detox from the drugs, dry out from the alcohol, or gain the weight they need to be healthy. Read More 

3 Conditions Chiropractic Care Can Help With

While many people assume that chiropractors are simply there to treat back and neck problems, they can do much more than that. They treat a variety of different nervous system and musculoskeletal disorders affecting your spine. If you have one of the conditions listed below, you might want to make an appointment with a chiropractor near you to see what they have to offer you for your condition. Degenerative Disc Disease Read More 

Learning More About Down’s Syndrome And Congenital Hearing Loss In Children

Children with Down's Syndrome may also suffer from other medical problems associated with it, one of the most common being hearing loss. If you are the parent of a baby with Down's Syndrome, making sure you learn more about related hearing loss is extremely important to combat its devastating effects. Catching medical problems early in babies with Down's Syndrome can help reduce greater problems later on. Hearing Tests Are Important To Remember. Read More