Addressing Common Food Allergy Questions

Food allergies can represent a potentially life-threatening health risk, but it is a condition that is often misunderstood. While some people think that they must be born with a food allergy, this is not the case because it is possible to develop them as an adult. If you suspect that you may be developing a food allergy, you could benefit from having the following couple of questions about this health condition answered. 

What Are The Symptoms You Are Having A Allergic Reaction To Food?

There are a variety of symptoms that may indicate you are experiencing an allergic reaction to food. These symptoms can range in severity, but they can include things such as gastrointestinal discomfort, sweating, swelling of the face and difficulty breathing. 

Most of these systems are not particularly dangerous, but if you are experiencing extreme discomfort or difficulty breathing, you should seek medical attention. It may be possible for your doctor to counteract your allergic reaction by administering a shot of epinephrine. This will neutralize your body's histamine reaction, and it should quickly stop your symptoms.  

Is There Anything That Can Be Done To Prevent Your Food Allergy?

While an epinephrine shot can help you when you are experiencing a severe reaction, you will likely want to avoid getting to this point. While avoiding foods that cause a reaction is the most effective way of avoiding this type of reaction, you may not want to miss out on your favorite dishes. Sadly, some patients do not realize that there may be medications that they can take to help avoid having this type of reaction. 

Generally, you will need to take these medicines sometime before you are planning to eat. These medications will work by suppressing your body's allergic reaction, which may allow you to enjoy these foods in small quantities. However, this may not be a viable option for those that suffer from severe reactions because these medicines may not be able to adequately suppress their allergic response. 

There are many people that suffer from food allergies, and these conditions can lead to major health risks. Sadly, there is a chance that you may have started to develop this type of allergy later in life, which can require you to become informed about how to handle this condition. By learning to recognize the warning signs of a food allergy and that it may be possible to manage the condition, you will be in a stronger position to avoid the worst complications from your food allergies. Talk to a doctor, like Alidina Laila MD, if you have further questions.