Vision Loss Due To Glaucoma? An Eye Stent Might Be The Answer You Seek

Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that causes damage to your optic nerve. If you don't get the problem treated, it could end up causing you to go blind. The best way to overcome glaucoma is by lowering your intraocular pressure. Many providers have given patients eye drop medication to help tackle the medical problem. However, not everyone is able to use eye drops effectively, thus making them ineffective for many individuals. This is where surgery comes into play to help overcome the condition and allow you to continue doing the things you love.

How an eye stent can help

Eye stents are about the size of your eyelash, so you can only imagine how tiny these devices are and what type of medical expertise is needed to properly install one. They work to significantly reduce the amount of pressure in your eyes and allow you to kiss the eye medications goodbye. While it might still be in the trial phase in the US, many patients have gotten the chance to experience the benefits. Once implanted, it can help to prevent blindness and loss of vision in countless individuals.

It is a non-invasive procedure that is simple and doesn't take very long to complete. Patients suffering with mild to moderate glaucoma tend to be the best candidates. This stent allows the ophthalmologist to be able to treat the patients better and provide them with them level of care they need before a serious vision problem takes over their life.

What stents do

The stent essentially serves as a drainage channel to get rid of the aqueous fluid in the eye and circumvent the patient's blocked channels. While they vary in design, implant location and the materials used, they all have the same main goal: to improve vision and prevent patients from losing their sight completely. The stents are making it so patients don't have to worry about struggling to put drops in on a regular basis. It helps to improve the quality of life for patients without an extensive surgical procedure.

If you are suffering from glaucoma and are looking for a solution to help restore your sight and eliminate the need for a bunch of medication, take the time to speak with your provider about what options you have available to you. An eye stent might be just what you have been looking for, but never knew existed until now. For more information, talk to a professional like Country Hills Eye Center.