Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Benefit You

An integral part of living your best life involves feeling your best. As the body's regulator system, when hormonal imbalances brought on by perimenopause and menopause are present, it can impact how well you feel and, ultimately, your ability to live the life you desire. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is one alternative to help better regulate your hormones and improve the way you feel. Learn more about this unique treatment option. 

Application and Methods 

Before you can fully understand the benefits of this treatment, it is vital to understand what it is. In short bioidentical hormone replacement is meant to mimic the hormones that the body naturally produces, in terms of the chemical makeup and function, in order to regulate unbalanced hormone levels better. Typically derived from natural sources, these hormones can be applied in an oral, topical, or injectable form, depending on the type of hormone they are mimicking and for what purpose. 

Better Mood Balance

When an individual's hormones are unbalanced, it can be difficult to rest and relax. As a result of a lack of rest, some people become easily agitated and stressed and experience frequent mood fluctuations, which is especially common for individuals experiencing perimenopause and menopause. This therapy is designed to increase levels of hormones that contribute to mood stabilization to help improve mood. It is also worth noting that balancing hormone levels can bring more mental clarity. 

Increased Energy

It is essential to understand that hormones play a role in every facet of your life, including the level of energy you have. Particularly when it comes to estrogen and progesterone, when these levels decrease during menopause, it is not unheard of for a person to feel lethargic and have very little energy. Again, bioidentical hormones are meant to mimic and replace these hormones to help restore your energy levels and make you more productive. 

Enhanced Weight Management

Again, decreased levels of progesterone and estrogen can lower your energy level. As a result, you might feel less inclined to be active and participate in regular exercise, which can lead to weight gain. These unbalanced hormone levels may also lower the rate at which your metabolism functions, which will, in turn, reduce the rate at which your body is able to break down calories, which can also lead to weight gain. Hormone replacement therapy can help increase your energy level and metabolic function so that you can better maintain a healthy weight. 

If you believe bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is an option for you, contact a provider to learn more.