Seven Scenarios That Indicate Potential Benefits From Hormone Therapy For Women

Many women can benefit from hormone therapy for aging. However, this type of therapy isn't beneficial or recommended for all women. The following are seven scenarios that indicate potential benefits from hormone therapy for women.

You are experiencing perimenopause or menopause at a relatively young age.

Hormone therapy is usually only recommended for women who have not yet reached a certain age. This type of therapy tends to be particularly helpful for women who are unusually young when they start experiencing perimenopause or menopause symptoms. 

A woman is dealing with severe hot flashes.

Some women experience severe hot flashes that are debilitating. Hormone therapy can sometimes help to keep these women more comfortable. Hormone therapy can help to lessen the impact that hot flashes have on some women's everyday lives. 

A woman is at risk of osteoporosis or bone fractures.

Hormone therapy is helpful for maintaining bone mass in aging women. That's why it is often used to help women achieve stronger bones when they are at risk of osteoporosis or other conditions that weaken their bones. 

A woman has estrogen deficiency.

Some women fail to produce a normal amount of estrogen. This can leave them susceptible to a variety of conditions including cardiovascular disease and obesity. Estrogen deficiency can be aggravated by aging because a woman's estrogen levels tend to drop as she goes through menopause.

Hormone therapy can raise a woman's estrogen levels and thereby reduce the impact of estrogen deficiency as a woman ages. 

A woman is experiencing vaginal dryness or discomfort.

Women can experience vaginal discomfort for a variety of reasons as they age. Aging can lead to vaginal discomfort issues including vaginal dryness and irritation. For these women, hormone therapy can help to restore a healthier and more comfortable vagina. 

A woman's sex drive has notably diminished.

Women who complain of a decreasing sex drive as they age may benefit from hormone therapy. Hormone therapy can increase a woman's sex drive and improve a woman's sexual functioning.

A woman has been struggling with mood issues as a result of aging.

Some women experience severe mood issues as they deal with the changing hormone levels brought about by aging.

Changing hormone levels can bring about mood issues such as depression and anxiety for women as they get older. Hormone levels can also contribute to problems with memory and concentration. 

Women may benefit from hormone therapy if they are struggling with mood and mental function as a result of getting older. 

For more information on hormone therapy for aging, contact a professional near you.