Why A Gastric Sleeve Is Often The Best And Most Effective Form Of Bariatric Surgery

There are quite a few different types of bariatric or weight loss surgery that affect the stomach. After all, this is the organ that is perhaps most involved in the eating and digestion process, so it makes sense that it is often the target for people who are trying to lose weight. You may have heard of lap band surgery or even a gastric bypass, but fewer people have heard of a gastric sleeve. If you are considering your options and wonder which will be the most effective route to take, then here are a few reasons why you should prioritize a gastric sleeve.

What Is Involved

During gastric sleeve surgery, your stomach will be stapled at a section that will separate it into two areas. The smaller portion will remain and function as your entire stomach, while the larger area will be gently removed and disposed of once the staples are set. Gastric sleeve surgery is simple enough in theory but requires expert surgical work. Luckily, there are many capable surgeons out there who undertake this procedure every week and it is a safe procedure that your doctor will only undertake when they know you are capable of getting through it with little issue.

How It Helps

By shrinking the size of the stomach you pretty much immediately reduce your cravings for food significantly. You also feel fuller much quicker while eating, for obvious reasons, so you don't feel as though you need to keep snacking throughout the day. While initially you will need to stick to liquid foods while your stomach heals, afterwards you can go back to eating almost a regular diet, just at a drastically reduced portion size. This will help you lose weight without feeling like you are constantly going hungry.

Why It Is Better

Gastric sleeves are far more reliably effective than other types of bariatric surgery because there simply is no more room for the stomach to absorb food from. Lap band surgery is less effective because it doesn't actually restrict your eating it is just there to trick your body into thinking it is fuller after less food (although this does not always work). Gastric bypass surgery, on the other hand, is a lot more serious than a sleeve, and comes with more potential problems which leads to an increased risk, which is why so many doctors would prefer a gastric sleeve over a bypass. 

To learn more about gastric sleeve surgery, consult with a specialist in your area.