Gym Etiquette: Do These 4 Things During Your Next Visit For A Drama-Free Workout

Your local gym likely has a mix of personalities. It's good to embrace your unique traits, but nobody wants to be that person who makes other gymgoers uncomfortable by being rude, creepy, or annoying. Stay in the good graces of fellow gymgoers by mastering these unwritten rules of gym etiquette.

1. Wait Your Turn

Your local gym has enough equipment for everyone, but sometimes you may have to wait a few minutes for the machines or weights you want. If that happens, be patient. Don't cut in line for the treadmill or elbow someone out of the way as you rush toward the elliptical. You should also avoid hovering over other gymgoers who are utilizing the equipment you want or loudly complaining about how long someone is taking on a machine.     

2. Clean Up After Yourself

Nobody wants to touch crumb-covered bike handles or grab a set of weights with your sweat all over them. To prevent this problem, carry a towel with you during every workout and use it to wipe down the equipment you've used. You should also remember that the 24-hour gym is not your personal trash can, so don't leave protein bar wrappers or empty water bottles on the floor. And don't forget to put weights and other portable equipment where it belongs after each session.

3. Leave Advice to the Experts

You may find it tempting to correct someone's form on the weight bench or criticize their treadmill speed, but you need to resist the urge to offer unsolicited advice at the gym. If someone needs help with their workout, they can ask a gym employee or personal trainer for tips. This prevents you from annoying fellow gymgoers, but it also keeps everyone safe. After all, you may unknowingly offer advice that isn't appropriate for every gym member and cause someone to get injured.   

4. Save the Pickup Lines for Your Dating App

Your local gym can be a great place to meet people, but not everyone is looking for love in the weight room. Be mindful of other gymgoers' boundaries. If someone catches your eye, politely introduce yourself, then say something like, "I'll be on the elliptical if you want to chat." Walk away after that, and don't keep approaching the same member in hopes of sparking a connection. They know where to find you if they're interested. 

Joining a 24-hour gym helps you tackle fitness goals and keep your health on track. Remember, others are there to get fit, too, so be respectful and kind during each workout. If an issue arises and you aren't sure how to handle it, ask a gym employee. They're happy to help navigate any problems that come up so you can make the most of each visit. Keep these tips in mind as you look for a local gym.