Four Routinely Encountered Foot Problems

When your feet encounter problems, you could face the prospects of encountering intense disruptions to your daily life. While discomfort will be one of the more noticeable signs of many foot problems, it can also be possible for these problems to create medically significant complications. Understanding the need to protect your feet against some common problems will enable you to better avoid serious issues and complications.

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts can be a common problem that is caused by a virus that infects the skin. The feet are particularly vulnerable to this problem due to the moist and warm conditions that are found in the shoes. While plantar warts will stat as very small blemishes on the skin, they can rapidly grow into large warts that can be immensely painful. Treating these warts during the early phases will be ideal as it can be done with simple over-the-counter medications, but these warts will need to be surgically cut out if they are allowed to become particularly large or deep.


Getting occasional blisters after you have spent many hours walking or standing is a fairly routine and minor problem to have. However, some individuals will have sensitive skin on the bottom of their feet, and this will put them at a higher risk of developing blisters. Due to the bacteria and sweat in the shoes, blisters can be prone to developing infections. If you are finding that you regularly get blisters, you should upgrade your shoes to higher-quality pair that have been professionally fitted to your feet.

Fungal Infections

Athlete's foot and other fungal problems with your feet can be very unpleasant due to the discomfort that these problems can cause along with the odors that they can create. Protecting your feet against fungal infections will require you to regularly wash and sanitize the interior of your shoes. Furthermore, you should ensure that your feet are reasonably clean before you put them in your shoes as this will help to minimize the risk of containing the interior of the hoes.

Collapsing Arch

The arch of your foot is necessary for ensuring that the weight of your body is evenly distributed over the surface area of your foot. Sadly, some people will be prone to developing a collapsing arch. This can be immensely painful, but it can often be avoided by having properly fitted shoes. When a shoe is too large or small, the weight on the arch can be very uneven, which can lead to the muscles and tendons that support the arch failing. If your arch completely collapses, it may be possible to undergo surgery to reverse this damage, but this may not be a practical option for every patient.

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