Make These Changes To Your Diet And Exercise Regimen To Help Lose Weight

When you've decided to commit to losing weight, you have the choice of going the surgical route or committing to some long-term changes in your lifestyle that will help you not only lose the weight, but also keep it from coming back in the months and years ahead. Using the traditional combination of improving your diet and getting regular exercise won't lead to immediate changes, but helps you create the foundation that will provide favorable results in a steady way. You already know that it's smart to exercise more and eat better — here are some specific tips that will help you meet your goal of losing weight.

Eat Off A Smaller Plate

At mealtime, it can be tempting to grab a large plate and pile it high with food. Unfortunately, unless the food is of a high nutritional value, you'll likely be taking in more calories than you should if you wish to lose weight. You can keep your mealtime caloric intake under control by eating off a smaller plate. While you'll still need to avoid foods that are high in unhealthy fats, sugar and calories, a smaller plate will allow you to better manage your portions.

Swap 30 Minutes Of TV For 30 Minutes Of Exercise

The average American spends a considerable amount of time each day in the front of the TV; why not cut down on some of your couch time in favor of exercising? For example, instead of flipping through the channels, lace up your running shoes, grab the family dog and take a 30-minute walk through the neighborhood. You can still make time to enjoy your favorite TV programs, but watching a little less will allow you to easily fit exercise into your day.

Let Yourself Cheat For One Meal

If you've previously been eating unhealthily, it can be a major adjustment to suddenly stop buying sweets and junk food during your weekly trip to the supermarket. For some people, going "cold turkey" on unhealthy foods can be psychologically challenging, and you could find yourself obsessing over bad food — or worse, sneaking bad treats several times per day. It's better to set up one cheat meal per week. This will give you the chance to look forward to something unhealthy and, in the big picture, it won't be overly detrimental if you're eating good food the rest of the time. Make sure to set a time limit on your cheat meal, though. For example, aim to eat for no more than 30 minutes, rather than stretch the "meal" into several hours of unhealthy snacking.

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