Bee Sting Allergy Symptoms & Treatment: Things To Know

Did a bee sting you on the leg and now a large part of it is swollen? Although it is normal for there to be a minimal amount of swelling with a bee sting, severe swelling might mean that you are having an allergic reaction that should be examined by a specialist. Below, discover helpful things that are related to having an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

How Will Someone Know If They Are Allergic to Bee Stings?

Bee stings that do not cause an allergic reaction are usually very painful and will cause a little swelling in the area of skin that was stung. The symptoms of the sting will usually go away without you having to seek medical treatment within a few hours (the duration varies for each individual). When you have swelling over a large area of your leg, it is important to get medical attention because it can be an allergic reaction that might get worse without proper care. If the swelling is also accompanied by hives, abdomen cramps and difficulty breathing, you should visit the emergency room and make an appointment with a bee allergy specialist.

How Does a Specialist Treat Bee Sting Allergies?

You will have to be properly diagnosed before a specialist will treat you for a bee sting allergy. Diagnosing the condition will simply involve undergoing a physical examination. The exam will help the specialist determine what kind of reactions your body had to the bee sting, besides a lot of swelling on the leg. Based on the overall symptoms, the specialist will diagnose you with a bee sting allergy. The injector is able to administer your needed dosage amount of epinephrine anytime that you are stung by a bee in the future, which can prevent allergic reactions from becoming life threatening.

What is the Estimated Price of Bee Sting Allergy Treatment?

If you get injected with epinephrine by a specialist each time that it is needed, you should expect it to cost at least $20 and up per visit. The price for vials of epinephrine that you can use with an auto injector will depend on how many vials you need. You should be prepared to spend at least $100 for a quantity of ten vials. The overall price will depend on if you have health insurance to cover a portion of the fees. Visit a specialist to get a bee sting allergy examination as soon as you can!

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