How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Smile Permanently

If you are missing several teeth, and you are in the process of trying to figure out what method to use in making a restorative repair to your smile, consider using dental implants over dentures to get a permanent pleasing look. Many people shy away from the implant process as they are a bit fearful when they hear it is a surgical procedure. This surgery, however, will give you a look that does not compare to having dentures or a bridge placed in your mouth. Besides being the best choice cosmetically, there are several other benefits you will obtain when having implants placed. Here is a short summary of what to expect when having an implant surgery and the advantages they will give you over other methods of tooth repair.

What Happens During Surgery?

To have implants placed, your dentist will take several pictures of your teeth and input them into a computer program. This program will determine where surgical holes should be cut inside your gums. In each of these holes, the surgeon will place a metal rod, which will protrude into the area where your tooth was once present. 

You will be given general anesthesia for the surgery and you will not feel a thing while the surgeon places these rods. The rod is embedded into the bone, making it imperative you have a sound jaw structure to be able to withstand the surgery. Your dentist will check this beforehand. If you have had periodontal disease, you might not be a candidate for the procedure, as this disease wears away the bone under the gums, making it hard to adhere the rods. 

After the surgery is completed, you will need to rest for several days while sticking to a liquid and soft-food diet. When your gums have healed, your dentist will fit you for permanent teeth to be placed on the rods. These teeth are made of porcelain and cannot be distinguished from your real teeth once they are in place.

What Benefits Do Implants Have Over Dentures?

After the surgery is over, you will have nothing but positive experiences with your implants. You will forget you even have implants, as they work just like real teeth. There is no need for special cleaners or taking your teeth out at night to rest your mouth. There is no soreness or food restrictions as with dentures. You will never worry about biting into an apple or sneezing and having your teeth fall out. People will be unaware that you have false teeth among your real ones. You will be able to smile wide, because your implants will give you a realistic look without any hassle whatsoever!

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