Learning More About Down’s Syndrome And Congenital Hearing Loss In Children

Children with Down's Syndrome may also suffer from other medical problems associated with it, one of the most common being hearing loss. If you are the parent of a baby with Down's Syndrome, making sure you learn more about related hearing loss is extremely important to combat its devastating effects. Catching medical problems early in babies with Down's Syndrome can help reduce greater problems later on.

Hearing Tests Are Important To Remember.

If you worry about your little one experiencing hearing loss with you being unaware of it, having hearing tests done regularly can help to ease your fears. Regular testing can give medical personnel the diagnostics results that they need to catch any changes in your child's hearing that would signify permanent hearing loss. Discuss hearing tests with your child's pediatrician and find out when you should start them.

Glue Ear Is Common With Down's Syndrome.

Glue ear is a common occurrence in many people, but more so in children with Down's Syndrome. Glue ear happens when mucoid substances in the ear become too thick, causing the tiny bones that make the vibration the brain perceives as sound to become immobilized, or 'glued together'. The mucoid substance responsible for this condition is secreted at a higher rate in children with Down's Syndrome. Your child's pediatrician can explain your treatment options for the condition glue ear.

What About Hearing Aids?

Many levels of hearing loss that are not considered severe can be improved using specially design hearing aids. If your child is a candidate for a hearing aid, his or her hearing aid will be designed based on the level of hearing loss being experienced. 

Investigating Speech Pathologists May Be A Good Idea.

Hearing aids are sometimes used in conjunction with speech therapy. If your child has trouble with speech and you have a hard time understanding what he or she says, learning more about the benefits of visiting a speech pathologist is important. An experienced speech pathologist can show you ways to communicate with your child that will help make it easier for you both to have a conversation.

Nothing much can be tougher on your emotions than watching your child struggle to understand the world around him or her. This is especially true for parents of children suffering Down's Syndrome. By staying informed and learning all that you can about what to expect from Down's Syndrome, however, you can become better prepared for it.