The Problems Overpronated Feet Bring And How To Fix Them

If you are suffering from foot pain, it could be because of overpronation, or how the foot rolls inward while you stand, walk, or run. The following are problems overpronation can cause in your feet, and ways you can correct such problems.

How to Tell if Your Feet are Overpronated

Overpronation is evident when your step rolls inward and you push off the ground with your big toe. 

If your feet are normally pronated, then they absorb the shock of your footsteps properly and balance the weight of the rest of your body evenly. If your feet are overpronated, then they will not absorb the shock of your body properly, and over time, your ankles will bend inward, in an attempt to evenly distribute your weight on your feet when you stand.

Some of the negative effects of overpronation are that you could become flat footed over time, and your fallen arches will then be rigid. You could lose the bounce and shock-absorbing properties that your heel and toes provide.

Your feet and toes splay incorrectly to compensate for overpronation. This could lead to knee pain and other injuries. It's especially common in runners, who can get shin splints, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, and even hip problems from overpronating.

How You Can Fix the Effects of Overpronation

There are certain treatments and ways to fix the problems brought on by overpronation. If you suspect that you have pain caused by overpronated feet, see a podiatrist at a practice like Advanced Foot Clinic. He or she will determine whether or not overpronation is causing your feet or leg problems. 

Your podiatrist will most likely fit you with orthotics, which are medical inserts you place in your shoes to give you proper cushioning and balance when you stand or walk. Ask your podiatrist about what types of shoes to avoid and what shoes help with your specific foot discomfort. It is usually recommended not to wear flat shoes with little to no arch support, especially if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, which causes severe heel pain. 

If you are a runner, or are on your feet for much of the day every day, you will want to get shoes that support your arches and help you stand correctly. Tighten the laces of your running shoes, using all of the eyelets in the shoe. Loose laces make it easy for you to overpronate and wobble more when you walk or run. 

Shifting weight from one foot to another when you stand can cause foot and lower back problems, so watch that you put your weight equally on both feet when you stand.

Talk to your podiatrist and see what you can do to ease the pain and discomfort that overpronating brings.